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Tate & Lyle is a global leader in the food and beverage industry, validated by a long and impressive track record of “making food extraordinary” by turning corn, tapioca and other raw materials into ingredients that add taste, texture and nutrients to foods. One of their most recognizable products in the US is the sweetener SPLENDA® Sucralose.

When they faced a challenge in the process of refining corn sugars, Tate & Lyle turned to Minitab software for assistance.

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A manufacturer specializing in the manufacture and production of PCBs and PCB assemblies, with 900 employees spread across 4-production sites in France and Morocco, the Selha Group supplies major contractors and global leaders in the aeronautical, telecoms, energy, medical, and creative technology sectors. Selha Group was faced with the challenge of finding a solution to enhance the reliability of aeronautical products with batch sizes of 10 components. Minitab® Statistical Software has delivered a minimum of a 30% reduction in the time spent in the reliability stage of a product and a rapid return on investment.

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Analyzing and acting on data transformed the way Crayola does business and has enabled the company to concentrate resources where they'll have the biggest impact.

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Anheuser-Busch InBev reduced production line downtime for switching beer brands by 34% and saved more than $430,000.

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With Minitab Statistical Software, the Riverview Hospital Association Lean Six Sigma team was able to perform data analysis to identify patient groups who were scoring lower on patient satisfaction survey questions. This allowed the team to target process improvement efforts to specific patient populations.

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During Boston Scientific’s annual assessment of their materials and processes, the medical device manufacturer used Minitab Statistical Software to analyze data that would validate the pouch-sealing process used to package guidewires. The tools provided by Minitab allowed engineers to confidently move forward with the introduction of a new pouch that streamlined packaging across several departments of the corporation and led to a substantial reduction in material costs.

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